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PT Bumi Raya Gayoindo is proud to offer high quality coffee from the Gayo Highlands of Sumatra Island. But we don’t limit ourselves to that! In addition, we offer a wide variety of certified coffee from the island of Sumatra. Read on for details on our most popular sourcing locations, or check out our full list of specialty coffees.

From the island of Sumatra and the Gayo highlands we offer coffee with certifications including: Fair Trade, Organic, Rain Forest Alliance, and for Arabica from the Gayo and Sumatra highland areas.

We build a sustainable supply chain that meets the needs of roster importers and producers.

  • Gayo Arabica
  • Gayo mandeling arabica
  • Kopi luwak Arabika
  • Gayo natural arabica
  • Gayo washed arabica
  • Gayo honey arabica
  • Gayo semi washed arabica
  • Gayo single origin arabica.
  • Sumatra mandeling arabica
  • Sumatra arabica
  • Sumatra lintong arabica
  • Sumatra natural arabica
  • Sumatra washed arabica
  • Sumatra honey arabica
  • Sumatra semiwashed
  • Sumatra Robusta